Purchasing a risk-free certified pre-owned car from Jake Sweeney Buick GMC comes with many advantages, making it the perfect choice for some shoppers. Here are some reasons why:
When you buy a used car  it is often heavily discounted from its retail price, or MSRP. This makes used cars very appealing to those on a budget, or to those who want to get their dream car for a lowered price. You can find excellent deals on used high-end vehicles, making them a great value purchase. 
It's widely known that a new car depreciates in value considerably after driving it off the dealership lot. Some even lose 40% of their value in one year! However, with a used car, the rate of value loss is significantly slower, so your investment will retain more worth should you buy used.   
A used vehicle costs less to insure than a new one. Since used cars cost less, the cost of insurance is lower as well, thereby saving you money on insurance.  
Numerous used vehicles can still have the factory warranty active. For example, if a used car was traded in after two years and the factory warranty is five years, depending on mileage, you could get three years of factory warranty on that used car!
Our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at Jake Sweeney Buick GMC come with Owner Care. Owner Care, our newest benefits package, means we have your back, so you don't have to fret about your used car malfunctioning.  
When importing new vehicles, dealers pay for the shipment of the new inventory to their location. This extra charge can cost hundreds of dollars, and throws an additional charge on top of the sticker price. However, used cars don't have this shipping expense, so you can evade a surprise cost.
A plethora of used vehicles also come with pre-installed options, such as roof racks or upgraded wheels. While these amenities can increase the list price, the total cost is far less than if these additions were implemented onto a new car.  
It's true, you can't customize a used car to the extent you can a new one  However, if you're going for a vintage feel, searching for a specific model no longer in production, or looking to save some money, there are plenty of used options for you.